Crazy values

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Friends, I regret so much change in the format of this blog, which happens a sponsor is placing a pop-up and I can not detect which is, meanwhile, are catalogued as spam me, you go to believe.
Well, what happens in Blogshares is really shocking. The values of our blogs soar in unseen proportions, even in times of change algorithm for market shares back in March this year, when it´s made many new fortunes today that swarm. Of course, I do not believe that the current situation reaches the level of Status quo. Surely GIC seek and find the variable that makes the thing to behave well. I therefore recommend to the members of Aliens and all blogsharian to read this, which are not confused and assume that the current scenario as temporary. So those who want to seize, try make the most of buying and selling shares cycles, which may make its scope, investing in ideas, buy expensive artes... Finally, take advantage of the boom.

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