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Some indispensable precisions before the doubts of some members:

  • .-We are ALL the investors obliged to donate certain quantity to the joint fund.
    • .-All that? If us consider to the real life, ALL we are subjects of taxes and quotas for services that the real organizations give. A moderate rate, it would be 2.5 % on the obtained utilities. Till now, this rate has not been fixed and everything stays to will of the investor.
    • In any case, let's take this base, of 2.5 % of our utility, to donate to the Corporation. Up to where we want to come? The Fund does not know limits and while major it(he,she) is, better will be(belong,perform) the prizes than receive(get) our investors of blogs.
    • The only diferencie with the real life, is: The cash donated to Corporation is propierty of the donor; this, for decision of the founder.
  • When I will be able to withdraw the money that I have contributed to the joint fund?
  • The only ones that are not forced to contribute to the joint fund, are the members who do not have to Aliens as his Primary Corporation, therefore, the donor it will receive his money in return when:
  • make another corporation as primary, if this way it requests
  • it moves back(retires) from the corporation
  • is separated from the corporation.
      • Can request fractions of his donation, that member who has donated in major proportion of his investment

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